Counseling improves relationships . . .with others and with ourselves.

I specialize in helping couples create greater emotional connection. I help you identify and understand the common patterns that are hurting your relationship so you can get out of that negative cycle. You can then create new interaction patterns that redefine your relationship as a source of security, closeness, and comfort. I use a method that is effective and proven to have lasting results. Learn more about Couples Counseling.

Individual counseling can improve the relationship you have with others as well as the one you have with yourself. I am skilled at helping you discover what is getting in your way so you can stop being “your own worst enemy”, and develop greater self understanding, acceptance and confidence. This greater comfort within your own skin, improves your ability to create meaningful relationships and handle the inevitable difficulties of life. Learn more about Individual Counseling.

I also help adults and children who struggle with the challenges of ADD/ADHD. Learning strategies for overcoming distraction, regaining focus, regulating emotions and collaborating with others, helps you become more productive and organized so you can make the best decisions possible. Your relationships improve along with your sense of self worth and accomplishment. Learn more about ADD/ADHD Counseling.

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