Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling helps you rebuild your emotional connection.

Growing apart is painful. Sometimes couples feel:.

  • like they’re not a priority or they don’t matter to their partner
  • like roommates just living under the same roof
  • like they’re walking on eggshells trying to keep the peace without conflict
  • hurt and betrayed due to their partner’s affair
  • frustrated with the conflict brought about by in-laws or ex-spouses
  • resentment over unresolved disagreements
  • overwhelmed with difficulty in balancing careers and parenting
  • alone in the relationship

I use a method that works!

I draw primarily from the Emotionally Focused Therapy model developed by Sue Johnson. This approach has 25 years of research behind it and gets the best results. I also utilize John Gottman’s resources and research, and the couples therapy methods developed by Harville Hendrix.

I help couples recognize the dynamics that keep them emotionally distant, identify and articulate the needs and fears fueling their dynamics, learn to listen and be there for each other in the ways they each need, and ultimately feel more connected.

People often come to Couples Counseling to explore concerns such as:

  • Lack of intimacy and emotional connection
  • Problems with sex
  • Managing conflict
  • Communication
  • Affairs
  • Parenting
  • Feeling lonely or shut out
  • Divorce
  • Blending Families
  • Grief and Loss

Couples usually have different perspectives on their relationship. I want to understand and support both of you. Therapy can help you rebuild the bonds that have been lost or injured, and strengthen the positive bonds that already exist.

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