ADD/ADHD Counseling for Children

Does your child need help with any of the following?

  • Impulse Control (taking turns, interrupting others, running off)
  • Cognitive Flexibility (adapting to new situations, transitions, handling frustrations)
  • Initiation (starting homework, chores, and major projects)
  • Working Memory (following directions, note-taking, reading and retaining info)
  • Planning & Organizing (completing and turning in homework, juggling schedules)
  • Self-monitoring (making careless errors, staying on topic, getting into trouble but not understanding why)
  • Peer relationships (making friends, maintaining friendships)

Children with ADD/ADHD often have difficulty with simple social interactions and struggle with low self-esteem. This impacts their peer relationships as well as their school performance.

I help children:

  • Learn strategies to promote school success such as managing distractions, increasing organization and time management, using memory cues, etc.
  • Gain greater awareness and regulation of their “internal and external” motor speed
  • Make new friends and maintain friendships
  • Develop greater emotional control
  • Learn to identify and interpret social cues, which are communicated by facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language
  • Learn social skills and social problem solving

I help parents:

  • Understand the challenges and the gifts that come with ADD/ADHD
  • Create family lifestyles that reduce ADD/ADHD symptoms
  • Resolve disagreements and not get into power struggles
  • Regain a sense of order and calmness within their family
  • Learn positive discipline strategies that work
  • Find new ways to connect with their children
  • Support their children academically both at home and within the school system
  • Feel empowered and equipped to meet the new phases of development their children are experiencing

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